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This information has been authored by Alex Craig, who has worked continuously in the employment industry for 40+ years.  According to Alex, he has seen countless candidates who were otherwise well qualified for a given position "strike out" because they were "not a good fit for our company".


How To Prepare For An interview


     This may be the question we are asked the most!


The Basics:


     -  At the top of the list, get a good night's sleep the night before the interview! In other words, DO NOT "party hard" that night!


     -  Ensure you are well groomed. Exhibit a clean cut appearance to include shoes shined, hair combed, teeth brushed, etc.!   BEFORE the interview, inquire as to what attire would be suitable for your initial interview. Note:  It doesn't matter what sort of position for which you are interviewing. You only get ONE CHANCE to make a good first impression.


     -  Do some basic research on the company.  Make sure you know the nature of the product or service. Think of a couple of questions to ask that suggest you have an interest in the company.  Ask these questions BEFORE you inquire about the pay rate & benefits!


*  For example, why do your customers prefer your company to your  competitors?


*  How is business going these days?


AVOID behavior/comments which suggests an attitude that "the world owes you a living". An attitude of entitlement frequently is a deal breaker which suggests that you are not consistently willing to put forth your best effort.


If possible, interject a few comments that suggest you have a sense of humor, short of acting like a stand-up comic. Otherwise, relax and go with the conversational flow. While interviews are important, they are not "life & death" endeavors.


That said, in this era most creditable employers are using carefully worded behavioral interview questions designed to expose your weaknesses and result in an eventual "diplomatic, thanks but no thanks".


While it is impossible to foresee every eventuality, there is an excellent resource available with a proven track record of success & testimonials which help you avoid pitfalls during the interview!


We highly recommend "The Ultimate Guide To Job Interview Answers" authored by Bob Firestone, an acknowledged expert in the field.  Simply click on the following icon for more information.


The Ultimate Guide To Job Interview Answers


How to Find a Job The Right Way





     Is sending out resumes and filling out online applications not “getting the job” done?

     Do you know what is the most important thing you can do to find a job?

     Why does it frequently seem that another candidate is hired?

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